sbkids-1SBKids (Seneca Baptist Kids) exists to train children in God’s Word, so our kids grow up worshiping, serving, and loving Jesus.
We love our children and passionately desire to see them embrace the wonderful love of Christ! For this reason we devote ourselves to praying for and planning times that our church family can celebrate the heritage that GOD is giving us.
Ministry for Preschoolers: Loving childcare/ministry is provided for children up through Kindergarten during all of our Adult Bible study classes and opportunities of worship throughout the week.  On Sunday mornings at 9:00 am we currently have a bed babies class, a toddler class, a class for children ages 2-3 yrs old, and a class for 4yrs old – Kindergarten.  These classrooms are located just behind our sanctuary in the (B Wing). While in class the children are taught the love and plan of GOD through Bible lessons and songs and interactive free play.
Extended Session for Preschoolers: Following Sunday school these classes will continue to be staffed by our church staff volunteers that provide ministry to the children on behalf of the parents/grandparents attending the worship service. The preschool classrooms are located on the Main floor (B Wing) behind our Sanctuary.  On Sunday mornings at 10:30am we currently have a bed babies class, a toddler class, a class for children ages 2-3 yrs old, and a class for 4yrs old – Kindergarten. 
Sunday School for Grades 1-5: Children in grades 1-5 meet upstairs at 9:00am behind our sanctuary in the (C Wing).  They begin with an opening rally where they gather with all grades together for refreshments and fellowship where they are introduced to the lesson for the day, sings songs and have opening prayer.  Following the rally they are dismissed into small groups for Bible study.  All children in grades 1-5 are escorted at the close of Sunday school to the sanctuary to rejoin their family.
Kids Worship: During our Sunday Worship services we invite children of all ages to participate/worship the LORD to the level at which they can.  We understand, however, that during the preaching of GOD’s Word some younger children have a more difficult time absorbing the content of the message.  For this reason, Pastor Ronnie Smith who serves as our Pastor to Families offers a Bible study during the preaching portion of our worship services for children in grades 1-5 where he preaches the same “content” covered in the sanctuary but packages the delivery of the material in a format more receivable to younger listeners.  At the opening of the sermon the children in grades 1-5 are invited to be dismissed from the sanctuary where they will follow Pastor Ronnie to the choir room located just behind the sanctuary.  Following the close of the sermon, these same children are then returned to the sanctuary to rejoin their family for a time of response to the preaching of GOD’s Word. 
Sunday Night: Currently we invite children in grades 1-5 to join the congregation during our Sunday Worship Service at 6:00 pm.  We do encourage parents/grandparents to attend our evening service with your child(ren) and take advantage of the opportunity to cultivate a child’s understanding and experiences in the worship of our LORD.  Please see our Pastor to Families, Pastor Ronnie Smith, if you would like some ideas and resources that may be helpful as you strive to strengthen your family.
Wednesday Night: We are currently using our Wednesday evenings in the kids area to study about missionaries who serve around the world. Mission Friends is for children ages 3-Kindergaten and Children in Action is for 1st-5th Graders.

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