Get Involved!

Volunteer and Service Opportunities


We all know that we are called to be servants, but it may be hard to find your niche in a large church family.  We hope this space will help keep you informed about current needs in the church so that you can put your time and talents to work!

Whether it's a special project, committee position, or even some needed supplies, you can find out how best to serve right here.




  • We are in need of volunteers to serve in the church nursery during morning and/or evening worship just once every 10 weeks.  Please call the church office if you are willing to serve!
    • Homebound Ministries - Would you like to help minister to the homebound in our church?  This ministry would involve visits, calls, birthday cards, etc.  Please contact the church office if you are interested.
    • Good News Bible Club -  Good News Bible Club is held at Blue Ridge Elementary.  If you are interested in participating in this important ministry, please contact the church office.
    • Website Submissions - If you have digital photos of recent church events that you wouldn't mind us posting on this website for all to enjoy, please email them to

    Please email if you know of a volunteer or service opportunity in our church that should be posted here.



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