Seneca Baptist Preschool
Our mission at Seneca Baptist is to provide a challenging academic curriculum in a loving Christian environment.
Meet Our Staff
Director - Andrea Smith
2 Year Old Teacher - Tana Mahoney
2 Year Old Aide - Dana McCall
3 Year Old Teachers - Ms. Tess Cannon and Mrs. Debra Farthing
3 Year Old Aide - Mrs. Trisha Johnson
4 Year Old Teachers - Mrs. Dohnia Burns, Mrs. Rhonda LeRoy, and Mrs. Erin Smith
4 Year Old Aide - Mrs. Christine D'Auito


Our Curriculum

At Seneca Baptist, we challenge our students to meet their full, God-given potential.  Whether your child will continue their education in a public or private setting, their experience at Seneca Baptist will prepare them to meet the challenges ahead. 

Our 3 and 4-year old programs are designed to address the SC Standards for K-4 and Kindergarten set by the state.  The teachers use hands-on actvities, songs, games, and individual instruction to ensure that your child masters these standards.  Seneca Baptist does not advocate using extensive worksheets to instruct young children.

Our kindergarten program is designed to address many of the SC Standards for Kindergarten.  While the kindergarten continues to include hands-on activities and games, the students are expected to complete worksheets as well.

Unlike public school programs, Seneca Baptist also has the opportunity to incorporate Biblical principals into every aspect of our curriculum.  We also focus on a specific Bible story and memory verse each week, and every Monday your child will participate in a chapel service.  We encourage your child to grow both spiritually and academically.

Report cards will be sent home every nine weeks for children in Kindergarten and every 18 weeks for children in three and four-year old classes.

Tuition and Enrollment

You may enroll your child in the Seneca Baptist Kindergarten and Preschool Program by visiting the kindergarten office and completing a registration packet.

The registration fee is $90.  The cost of sending your child to Seneca Baptist is $1,440 for the year.  Most parents choose to pay this using our monthly payment plan.  If you choose the monthly payment option, your tuition is due on the 5th of every month, September through May.


School Schedule

Seneca Baptist begins one week after the Oconee County Schools.  This allows us time to complete home visits and initial screening.  For the remainder of the year, we will follow the calendar set by the county.  When the Oconee County public schools are closed due to weather conditions, we will also be closed.  If the public schools are opening after 10am, we will be closed.  WYFF4 will have our closing schedule on TV and online.  Our school day is from 8:30am to 11:30am. 

Special Events

You are welcome to visit and volunteer at any time, but you will be invited to attend several special events throughout the year.  Students in various classes plan presentations for many holidays including Thanksgiving, Christmas, Presidents' Day, Mother's Day, and Graduation.  You will be given at least a month's notice of these events, and we hope that you will plan to attend.


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