Child Development Center Director

Seneca Baptist Church is looking for a full-time Child Development Center (CDC) Director who will oversee about 100 children weekly and staff members.

As a staff member of Seneca Baptist Church, the CDC Director will help SBC family by declaring the gospel and discipling the children and families of the Child Development Center. Working with the pastoral staff, the CDC Director shall also be responsible to ensure that the CDC is active in the overall mission and vision of Seneca Baptist Church by creating an environment to train the next generation who will serve their community and point others to Jesus.

The CDC Director shall have the responsibility to provide and maintain a safe Christ-centered environment where children engage in creative learning and spiritual growth. The CDC Director will encourage and maintain a high level of academic and spiritual excellence for students and families.
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  • A committed follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, giving testimony to a saving, sanctifying, personal relationship.
  • A desire to glorify God in every facet of life and ministry.
  • A passion for the Lord, for teaching his Word, for building Christ-centered relationships, and for growing disciples.
  • A commitment to the Word of God, excellence, personal and professional growth, and teamwork.
  • A self-motivated leader that demonstrates strong communication, administrative, and organizational skills.
  • Must be passionate about children and their overall development as a person.
  • Must have the ability to supervise and direct both staff, children, and activities.
  • Preferably be a college graduate with teacher certification and/or training in the area of teaching and child development.
  • Affirm Baptist Faith and Message 2000


Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Ensure all children’s activities and curriculum are Christ centered.
  2. Create a safe, welcoming, and enjoyable atmosphere for every parent, child, and worker.
  3. Work with the SBC pastors to reach out to the unchurched CDC families.
  4. Assure the cleanliness of all CDC areas.
  5. Make regular reports regarding the ministries of the CDC to the SBC pastors and the CDC Committee (Monthly Email and Quarterly Meeting).
  6. Oversee all financial matters of the CDC are handled with integrity, transparency, and timeliness.
  7. Conduct weekly staff meetings with Preschool teachers and other staff as needed.
  8. Conduct semi-annual evaluations on all staff and submit to the SBC pastors and the CDC Committee.
  9. Attend a yearly evaluation from the Pastor and Personnel Committee.
  10. The Director’s work schedule shall be approved and /or adjusted by the Pastor with consultation from the CDC Committee.
  11. Work with the SBC pastors and properties committee to ensure proper maintenance of facilities.
  12. Maintain an inventory and proper care of supplies (school, cleaning, etc.) of the CDC.
  13. Ensure all staff members are SCDSS qualified and regulated.
  14. Maintain communication with parents with an open-door policy, monthly newsletters and notices regarding activities.
  15. Work with the SBC pastors and the CDC Committee to resolve any parent/child issues regarding lack of payment, behavioral problems, parent conflict, etc.
  16. Report any behavior problems with a child to the parent(s) or guardian and request their assistance, while following the CDC Discipline Policy.
  17. Provide annual training opportunities for the professional and spiritual growth of all CDC workers.
  18. In conjunction with the SBC pastors, CDC Director will oversee all hiring and firing of CDC Workers.
  19. Hold all CDC workers accountable to their signed Staff Covenant.
  20. Must be knowledgeable about and meet all DSS regulations.