First Time? What Should I Expect?
– You will be warmly welcomed at the main front doors by our greeter team. They will escort you to the Welcome Center where they will help you find your way and answer any questions you might have.
-We are a casual church. You don’t need to get too dressed up. God is interested in your heart, not your clothes.
– We have wonderful children’s activities for children of all ages. Young children (birth – 4 years) have age appropriate classes throughout the service time where they will receive love and Bible teaching. Older children (K – 5th grades) will leave the service just before the sermon to participate in a Biblical and fun worship service catered to their level of understanding and they will return to the sanctuary at the end of the service.
– We will sing a mixture of new and old songs. We are more concerned with the content of the songs we sing than the type of songs we sing.
– Some time in the service there will be a time of offering. As a guest, don’t feel obligated to give.
– We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God. You will notice our prayers, songs, and sermon come straight from the pages of Scripture. If you don’t have a Bible, one will be available to you.
– Our service begins at 10:30 and typically ends at 11:45.