What Does It Mean To Be A Church Member?

1) I Will Be a FUNCTIONING Church Member
I will find a place to plug in and serve. Since Jesus calls the Church His “body,”  I am an important part of it and the well-being of the body is dependent on me fulfilling my role.
2) I Will Be a UNIFYING Church Member
I will run from negative talk about our church, pastors and staff, and members.  I will not gossip and will always seek to be a peacemaker. 
3) I Will Not Let My Church Be About My Preferences and Desires
I will be there to serve others, give, sacrifice, and meet others’ needs.  I will choose to put myself last in our church and I will live with a servants’ heart. 
4) I Will Pray for My Church Leaders
As believers, we will experience spiritual warfare, especially our leaders. I will spend time every day praying for my pastor, staff, and all the other leaders that they have guidance from God and will overcome temptation when it comes to them.
5) I Will Lead My Family to Be Healthy Church Members
I will love my church. I will unite my family in a love for our church. I will sacrifice for and love my church unconditionally just as I do my family. I will remember that just as my family is not perfect, neither is my church.
6) I Will Treasure Church Membership as a Gift
I will receive the gift of salvation and church membership with a joyous heart and will let my joy overflow into service and generosity.
– from I Am a Church Member by Thom Rainer.

How Do We Give?

God gives.  No truth is more readily apparent in Scripture than the generosity, grace and gifts of God.  He delights in giving.  As those being conformed to the image of Jesus, we should equally delight in giving. It isn’t just giving that is expected; rather it is selfless and sacrificial giving that overflows from a heart responding to the  generosity of the Gospel.
Here are a few principles to consider:

            ?  Give Generously 2 Corinthians 8-9

            ?  Give Cheerfully Matthew 6:1-4

            ?  Give Sacrificially 2 Corinthians 8-9 & Matthew 16:24-26

            ?  Give Regularly 1 Corinthians 16:2

            ?  Give Secretly Matthew 6:2-4
Informed by the Gospel we should not think of giving as a mere responsibility, but an opportunity. In view of this reality, the 10% tithe should not be the goal. We should continue to evaluate how we can give more and more. The Gospel compels us to give, confronting our fleshly tendencies toward greed, control, comfort and convenience.
Are you giving generously, cheerfully, sacrificially, regularly, and secretly?  If not, why not?  At Seneca Baptist Church, we don’t want something FROM you.  We want something FOR you.  As we live generously, we are drawn into a place where God can do a great spiritual work in our lives, and we want this transformation for every person who comes in our doors.
We also have the opportunity to partner with God to take the life-changing Gospel to the edges of our city and the ends of the earth, so everyone will have an opportunity to hear and believe in Jesus.
– Adapted from Matt Chandler and The Village Church