What to Expect

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Welcome to Seneca Baptist Church!

If this is your first time, we are a casual, “come as you are” kind of church. We encourage you to park in a guest spot in front of the sanctuary and to come into the main front entrance.  You will be greeted and brought to the welcome center where your questions might be answered and we can guide you to your destination.

We have nursery for kids 3 and under as well as SBKids Worship for kids 4 years to 3rd grade. But if you prefer to have your kids in the service with you, we have “Just for Kids” bags available at the Welcome Center to help entertain little ones during the service.

Thank you so much for being our guest at Seneca Baptist!  Here are some links to help get you started.  You can always contact us at (864) 882-2731 or email us at anytime.